YINZER, Noun: A resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Known for their love of all things Steelers and Donnie Iris and extreme hatred of Cleveland. Consists mainly on Primanti Brothers and ethnic cuisine. Often used as a pejorative, Yinzers can be easily identified by their one-of-a-kind, ridiculous accent and being covered from head to toe in black and gold.

Example “Did you see those yinzer fighting the Brown’s mascot at last week’s game?”
Source: The Urban Dictionary
The Yinzer Analyst is more than just a clever screen name for Matt Litchfield, a former investment analyst, CFA charterholder and man of mystery who’s learned a tremendous amount about the markets from reading the blogs of other professionals and wanted to give back  by doing the same.  During the last seven years I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to mutual funds and ETF’s and that while it can be challenging, investors shouldn’t be afraid to swing for the fences and choose an active manager.  Once you learn how to spot the obvious closet-indexers and campers, you can have a fighting chance to earn some serious alpha while managing your potential to underperform the market.  So the Yinzer Analyst is a place to discuss the latest news and trends in the fund industry and to show investors they have more options than just index funds to choose from.  It also keeps him from talking to himself too much, so let’s consider it a public good.
Question:  So why are you doing this?
Answer:  I love the markets and now that I have time on my hands (an no compliance department to deal with), I want to share some of my opinions and research and hopefully spark a dialogue with others.  At my last gig I had a chance to do everything from educating people about our programs to preparing the macro outlooks and security selection, so I hope I can shed some light into the process in a way that helps everyone and maybe saves you time down the road. I also don’t have an agenda or a point-of-view that I’ll jam down your throats.  I’m here to find out what works, no what agrees with my preconceived viewpoints.
Question:  Sounds like B.S., what are you selling?
Answer:  Nothing.  Most investment bloggers are trying to promote a product or attract new clients but I am no longer affiliated with any investment adviser, broker/dealer or clown college.  I’m not here to offer investment advice or buy/sell recommendations.  I’m here to educate but that being said, if you decide to trade something off of what you read here, you’re totally on your own.  Read the disclosure page, but it’s easier to say let the reader beware.  That and I have a lawyer and I know how to use him.
Question:  Who can learn something from this?
Answer:  Anyone!  I love Frank Herbert and he once wrote that the only constant in the universe is change.  Financial professionals are ultimately human and tend to want to KNOW things instead of LEARNING, but the universe is changing all around them.  Partly I’m doing this to refine my own ideas and to keep from growing stale but I intend to put up posts that are for new investors, financial professionals and everyone in-between.
Question:  Okay, Okay, what’s with the Yinzer nonsense?
Answer:  I came to Pittsburgh in 2009 to start a new job and fell in love with the city.  “Yinzer” is often used as a pejorative term but you’ll never find a more honest, plain-spoken and fiercely loyal set of people anywhere and while I’ll always root for the Bills, Pittsburgh is an amazing city of neighborhoods that offers you all sorts of opportunities you might not find in more generic cities along the East Coast.  It’s gotten a lot of great press lately, but you really can’t do it justice in a 500 word puff piece in some airline magazine.  Occasionally we’ll talk about amazing things you can do here, places to visit and activities like the annual “Furry” convention.  Pittsburgh also has it’s own dialect that you can learn more about here at pittsburghese.com.

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