Morningstar’s Advice on Tactical Allocation Funds was Spot On….if it was 2011

That’s right folks, the Yinzer Analyst is back and this time, it’s personal.  You know it’d have to be to drag me away from sprucing up the lawn and my Friday afternoon tallboys and well, with me it’s almost always personal since I do this for pleasure and not currency, but today I intend to discuss a recent article that appeared at  Did they insult my mother or the Buffalo Bills?  No, what really grinds my gears is when someone writes an article that I feel doesn’t tell the whole story, this time on Morningstar’s tactical allocation category.

The article in question was John Rekenthaler’s weekly commentary, based on an earlier piece by Luke Delorme at Advisor Prespectives (here), where on August 30th he took the funds in Morningstar’s tactical allocation category to ask for offering the worst of both worlds.  And it’s not the he said anything wrong, in fact his advice to readers was perfect….if this was still 2011.  But it’s been a long five years and the story has changed and maybe it’s time to reconsider our attitudes on tactical allocation as well.  Continue reading