Coming Soon – Naked Pictures of Celebrities!

Made you look.  Yes, we do have coming attractions and I’m sure they can hold your attention for the entire six seconds you can spare when your head is turning from the Kate Upton gallery to the latest pics of J-Law.

Coming up in the next few days we have:

  • The first two posts in “Know Your Mutual Fund Manager.”  First up, “Beware – Campers Ahead.”
  • Agriculture stocks and REITS? – What could possibly go wrong or “An even better way to flush money down the drain?”
  • “That’s what she said” – Behavorial finance and checking in on some of the other bloggers out there and showing you why you should only trust The Yinzer Analyst.  And if you believe that, you’re really in trouble. 

Now if you really were expecting naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, you are a very bad man and this is a family friendly blog where we run a clean shop.  Just Google it. 

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