Things that Make me Cry

I saw this photo on the Chive yesterday morning and it made me feel so incredibly sad although I wasn’t sure why. It took sometime before it finally hit me, but in my world only a few things will make me cry:


A.) Getting hit in the nadgers
B.) Saving Private Ryan
C.) Indiana Jones with a freaking cell phone clipped to his waist like some old man.

Indiana Jones is old and it’s not right. The only thing that should be clipped to Harrison Ford’s belt is a blaster, a whip, or whatever. Not a cell phone so he can call his wife to find out what they need at the market.  On the plus side, we now can be sure that Decker wasn’t a replicant (check out Blade Runner, should be free on Netflix or Amazon Prime.)

FInding out that your heroes, like you, are just men and getting older is a sad moment.  Although not as bad as getting kicked in the nadgers.

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