Welcome to the Yinzer Analyst!

Welcome all to the Yinzer Analyst, the first and only unbiased investment forum in Pittsburgh to celebrate not just the financial markets but the once and future great city of Pittsburgh.  Well, we’re assuming that we’re the first and only unbiased source because we really haven’t bothered to check.  But at The Yinzer Analyst, we’ll never push a trade, product or point-of-view.  This is a place to learn and share, not push an ETF or strategy.

You can read more about us in the “About” page and make sure to stop by and read the disclosures too!  Simply put the goal is to provide timely information about the markets, with a focus on discussing asset allocation, macro themes and whether your active fund is living up to your expectations.

And there’s no orthodoxy at the Yinzer Analyst so whether it’s technical versus fundamental, quantitative versus qualitative, MPT versus the magic 8-Ball, anything is up for grabs!

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